Vendela Vida

Fall 2016

The SJSU Lurie Author-in-Residence 2017

Vendela Vida is a native Californian, journalist, editor, and novelist, and will serve as SJSU’s Lurie Author-in-Residence in 2017. She is the author of five books, including The LoversGirls on the Verge, a nonfiction exploration of how young women from a myriad of cultures come of age in modern America; And Now You Can Go, which The New York Review of Books describes as “a thriller about how we love and how we forgive and when and how we have to choose to do so”; and finally, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name, a 2007 New York Times Notable Book of the Year that evokes a culture on the cusp of extinction. Her most recent novel, The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty, described by actress Lena Dunham as “part glamorous travelogue, part slow-burn mystery,” recounts a tale that investigates the frailty of identity. She received the 2007 Kate Chopin Writing Award and is a founding coeditor of the stalwart San Francisco publication The Believer, as well as the editor of The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers. She also collaborated with her husband Dave Eggers on the screenplay for the film Away We Go, which opened the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and children.


November 15, 7pm – Reading and Book Signing, MLK 225/229




“Vendela Vida’s work is utterly compelling, surprising, economical, lush, beautifully written. Reading her inspires me, and reminds me of how powerful the novel can be – how addictive and vital – and of how rarely a writer as precise, artful, and passionate as her comes along.”
— George Saunders

“A brilliant inquiry into the eternal mysteries of being… Told cinematically in one long, bewitching take, Vida’s astutely insightful, keenly suspenseful, surreptitiously metaphysical novel [The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty] demands to be read in a breath-held trance and then plunged into again.”

“Smart, thoroughly engrossing, funny, and even a bit disturbing. … Part mystery/thriller and part absurdist/postmodern novel with a feminist slant, [The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty] is simultaneously funny and serious.”
New York Journal of Books

All events are open to the public and wheelchair accessible.